Integrated Facility Management

Our Facilities Management (FM) covers a vast range of services delivered to a customer’s building or estate throughout the State of Qatar including building maintenance, electrical inspections, cleaning services, reception staff, pest control, security services, waste management, and more. These can be delivered as single service streams or under one FM solution referred to as Integrated Facility Management (IFM).

The Maintainers Facilities Services (MFS) offers The IFM Service that aims to support your organization’s core business. IFM allows us to combine multiple single service streams across Hard, Soft, and Specialist Technical Services and operate them together to improve the customer’s operations’ effectiveness.

The IFM solution enhances effectiveness through:

  • Creating a single point of contact for customers
  • Ensuring customers’ assets are managed to meet statutory compliance
  • Synergizing workforce activities
  • Saving cost

MFS adapts every IFM strategy to the individual customer to serve their needs across several different FM solutions:

  • Property Management
  • Project Management
  • Accommodation Services
  • Energy and Environmental Services
  • Service Quality Audits
  • Consultancy Services
  • Hard, Soft, and Specialist Services
  • Conveying Surveys

What makes us unique?
As with many other services, Facilities Management tends to go unnoticed until something goes wrong. Given the breadth of services that are required to maintain and operate a building, from HVAC, M&E, to cleaning, security, and landscaping services, and all the potential points of failure on any given day, an Integrated Facilities Management solution through the Maintainers Facilities Services aims to pre-empt such occurrences and relieve our customers of the burden when issues do arise.