Customer Care Centre

At the Maintainers Facilities Services (MFS), we pride ourselves on always listening to our customers’ needs and responding accordingly. The foundation of our customer-focused approach lies with our Customer Care Centre. Operating 24/7, our Customer Care Agents are always available for our customers to raise new service requests or receive updates on existing requests.

Our Customer Care Centre representatives receive around 1000 service request calls from our customers per week. Every call is recorded and allocated a unique Work Order Number before being forwarded to one of our maintenance teams. Until completion, the Call Centre continues to monitor all service requests’ progress to make sure that they are quickly resolved and to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the outcome.

Following the internationally recognized SFG20 routine maintenance planning standards, our Customer Care Centre generates more than 5000 planned maintenance work orders. This ensures all planned preventative maintenance tasks are recorded, tracked, and undertaken as required, which will reduce the likelihood of unwanted breakdowns and maximize the lifespan of expensive building assets.