Computer Aided Facilities Management

We have worked closely with a leading software solutions vendor to design and develop our own CAFM solution from the ground up, providing us with a product that is strong in all areas of functionality and that offers seamless data and workflows across our internal business functions, our partners, and our customers.

Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) systems are used in Facilities Management (FM) for:

  • Asset Management
  • Communication
  • Data Storage
  • Store Management
  • Planning
  • Scheduling and monitoring routine
  • Corrective maintenance activities
  • Room booking management
  • Space planning
  • Environmental management
  • Mobile solutions

CAFM can also be integrated into other applications such as Building Management Systems (BMS) and Building Information Management Systems (BIM), transportation management, and supply chain management.

The Maintainers Facilities Services (MFS) are pioneers in applying this integrated system technology. We fully understand the huge benefits such a system provides to our customers and our own business.

Our centralized Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system manages our core day to day business administration activities whilst our Integrated CAFM manages the facilities services operations in its integrity. All our systems are fully integrated into one cohesive and standardized system for our business needs and excellence in the field.

This process ensures timely, transparent, and recordable performance in all that we do, bringing cost-effective and real-time solutions and ensuring that:

  • the most suitable workforce is deployed
  • the most effective supply chain is established
  • customer billing is accurate from the start

How is CAFM offered?

We offer three models of our CAFM system, and customers can choose the model that caters to their needs and requirements:

Fully Integrated Model
The CAFM environment is used for the duration of the contract only. At the end of the contract, we provide copies of the data in Microsoft Excel format.

Fully Integrated and Severable Model

For customers who wish to keep our CAFM system following the end of the contract, we offer a solution where the CAFM system is installed separately but integrated into the Maintainers Facilities Services (MFS) technology ecosystem. At the end of the contract, the CAFM is ‘severed’ from the other applications and can operate as a standalone CAFM.


This option is available where customers require a standalone (non-integrated) CAFM solution, either using our standard solution, an existing one they already have in use, or one available in the market.

Staying connected with CAFM

Our CAFM solution provides access to our Customer Care Centre and operations teams through a user-friendly web interface. We use a mobile phone application to ensure our technicians and engineers are always connected. We can also consume and act upon information sent from other sources such as BMS and BIM systems through bespoke technology integration.